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Monday, February 13, 2017

Reader's comment from August 2013

I was looking at comments put on my website from a while ago earlier this morning, here is an interesting one by a reader wishing to remain anonymous:

 I would imagine that your house would be very desirable for a developer to knock down and build a "McMansion". Have you done anything to prevent this? You could put a deed restriction on your property that nothing larger than your house can ever be built on it. I think that would set a wonderful example for the other people in Scarsdale that don't want to see development. If more people put these restrictions on their property before they sell or pass away, development would slow or stop. on Meeting with the Village Board August 13th, 2013

(S)He  is suggesting a deed restriction. I prefer a Village wide restriction and recognition that this is a very special place worthy of total, blanket ( if you will ) preservation.

How can you get a 1930's Collet or Jules Gregory built again ? Once gone these beauties are gone. Gone forever. Like the ISIS destroyed treasures in Syria. 

I never knew ISIS and Scarsdale's VB had so much in common !

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