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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Answer from our Village Manager

I got an answer from our Village Manager, Mr. Steve Pappalardo at 1:09 p.m. today. Here it is.

I am preparing an answer, but I will not send it to him or the Board today. He was nice enough to reply on a Saturday. I will not bother him or them till later on in the weekend. I will exercise restraint, even though at times it is difficult. But walk the walk, talk the talk, preach what you teach... Right ?

He needs a little rest, anyway. Doesn't he ? We all do, at the right time.

On Feb 4, 2017, at 1:09 PM, Steve Pappalardo <spappalardo@scarsdale.com> wrote:


The 2012 engagement of Li/Saltzman to perform an historical resources survey, involved what’s referred to as a reconnaissance level review or an exploration of potential historic sites without studying any homes in-depth. The reconnaissance survey included driving the entire Village of Scarsdale visually surveying each tax parcel followed by researching files of the Scarsdale Building Department and Public Library, Westchester County and White Plains Historical Society and the public libraries of New York City and Columbia University in NYC. Targeted on-line resources were also used. Based on this research, Li/Saltzman identified 12 potential study areas of potential historic districts, 13 potential individual landmarks already designated as historic on County, State or National registers, and 69 potential individual landmarks, most single family residential homes.  

The Village Boards have subsequently reviewed the report, met numerous times in public through their Land Use Committee, and made amendments to Village Code Chapter 182 – Historic Preservation. The Boards have grappled with the balance between individual homeowner property rights, due process and the further necessity to perform a more detailed analysis of the properties identified as preservation worthy in the Li/Saltzman report, and the cost of same.  The issue of whether to designate homes identified subsequent to the more detailed study with or without the owner’s consent is another major issue within this subject.  As I previously stated, whether to move forward with a further more detailed study of the identified potential historic properties and/or make any more legislative changes, is a policy decision of the Village Board and one that they are considering in the context of other priorities.

I will endeavor to update the CHP determination list on the website.


Steve Pappalardo

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