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Friday, February 24, 2017

Assessments in Scarsdale

Here we go:

If our system is so great, why this ?

Assessment number 1: 1969 ( Per Deputy Assessor Patrick McEvily )

Assessment number 2: 2014

Assessment number 3: 2016.

The Assessment of 2016 triggered a law-suit petitioned by 150 residents.

The Village Attorney will not disclose how many Article 78 proceedings the Village has currently pending... I do not know much, but I know of at least three including this last one.

Thank you Non-Partisan system.

Thank you  our volunteer residents serving our Village part-time.

We are getting served court papers... Tax payer money going to fix problems that should not have been there in the first place.

We get water we cannot drink since November 15, 2015. We are informed the new UV facility to treat the cryptosporidium is scheduled for completion by March 15, 2018,  in fall 2016 water bill insert.

We have to drive on roads full of pot-holes.

Even though our resident volunteers perform the jobs that at other municipalities professionals do, still we have higher taxes than most. Go figure ...

They tell us to vote, but there is no voting... On and on.. Enough for today, right ?

Parts of the Non-Partisan system, is good. The fact that there is no political affiliation. But volunteers serving part-time has to change.

Past Sunday's  ( February 19th ) warm weather brought out this honeybee from its winter slumber. Here it is on top of our garbage dumpster:

This is an Eranthis Hyemalis or winter aconite photographed on Monday February 20th, coming out in the Spring weather we have had in front of a Galanthus Nivalis or  Common Snowdrop bulb.

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