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Friday, February 17, 2017

Ferncliff, Edgewood, Rodney, Foxhole and Circle Roads

Here we are, a nice area getting assaulted by new development.

See for yourself, first an empty lot at 27 Ferncliff.

I do not know what was there before. Did not get there soon enough! Demolition permit like a tombstone for the departed.

24 Ferncliff Road across the street, below:

A closer look at the stone walls surrounding the property:

On their door step, below. Supplies from a farm upstate.. When you appreciate the good, it is all over.

One Rodney Road here:

This in front of 1 Rodney on Monday February 13th at 2:59 p.m.

When a house is loved, it shows all  over.

The house below is at 5 Rodney road. A story book house. Who can duplicate that slate roof, the dormers ?  They can maybe. But it surely would cost a whole lot more than it did when first built.

9 Ferncliff Road, built in 1923 below. I thought maybe it was a new home.  But built in 1923 according to the Village website. Lot area .16 acre with 2,247 square feet of living  area. Corner lot.

Another older home below at 35 Ferncliff Road:

29 Ferncliff below:

and 42 Ferncliff below: No comment.

At 3 Edgewood Road, below:

The house on this site was auctioned off a couple of years ago. The owners had said they were going to preserve it. And now here is the story. Another bulldozer story to be added to the many others.

The real estate company and the builders already advertising on the empty lot:

Not everyone is destroying. I was happy to see this renovation in full swing at 10 Foxhall Road. They are putting on an addition in the back, changing the windows, etc., etc. I have the contractor's card for anyone interested.

This is the scene at 15-17 Circle Road below, still. I had called the Building department about this site a while ago. Wednesday, February 15th, our inspectors were at a conference. Maybe  I will get a call back from them today.

Last update at 5:19 a.m. Friday, February 17, 2017.

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