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Saturday, February 18, 2017

One Hickory Lane, the Reval...

Another weekend, another tag sale in Scarsdale. This time at One Hickory Lane.

It is on today, Saturday and Sunday as well. 10 to 4.

According to the Inquirer, so far the petitioners of the Article 78 to annul the reval of 2016 are not doing very well. It turns out the Village has a better attorney in Terry Rice. The petitioners' attorney failed to even grasp the technicalities involved. So much for the $ 55,000 he got paid from about 100 petitioners. That was just for starters, assuming they would settle. Well, it does not look like they are settling.. More money ? More time ? Another attorney who hopefully knows what he is doing ?

This is just the starter. The money the Village is using to pay our attorney Terry Rice, the time involved, the aggravation etc., etc. Your taxes and mine...Instead of the potholes and better water. Go figure.

Who needed this, right ? Why did we get here ?

Well, why else ? Why did we not have an assessment for 49 years ?

 Until the Tyler evaluation of 2014 ?

Thank you volunteer resident  VBs for 49 years who of course wanted to avoid this. Who wants to pass  or even suggest a motion that would ultimately increase taxes ?  Procrastinate until you step down, on and on for 49 years...Many VB's. You can see all of them here, since 1915: Click here, please:

 One more reason to get rid of this system of volunteers who just get us in trouble !!!

It is 2017, it is a very specialized work force. Gone are the days when volunteers could just oversee a Village government and govern. They are getting us into law-suits, facilitating the destruction of our Village's beautiful homes.  We cannot drink our water. We cannot walk or drive on our streets. We have volunteers serving on many of our boards, which should make our taxes lower than in any other municipality. Yet we get the award for highest taxes all the time.

We are loosing our tree canopy. Our wildlife is getting evicted by the bulldozer every day and to top it all off an Article 78 proceeding nobody needed or wanted.

Now an "election"is coming up when we do not even "elect". 

Does any of this make sense to anyone ? I certainly fail to grasp the need to continue like this.

Enough already anyone ?...

Last  revision 5:21 p.m. EST February 18th, 2017.

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