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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Members of the BAR

I thought some members of the BAR looked a little unfamiliar with Scarsdale.

A closer look at their applications:

When Jessica Kourakos applied to serve on the BAR in March of 2014, her application states length of residence as 1. Not clear if it is one year, one day or one hour.

Same for Lawrence Diamond. His length of residence when he applied in April of 2013, also states 1...

Mera Faddoul applied on April of 2013, in her application also under length of residence, 1.

Jessica started serving on April of 2015, Mera on August of 2013 and Larry Diamond on April of 2015.

They are the three voting  members of the BAR,  who had a combined residency of less than four years at the time they applied.  Clearly not acceptable and not good for our Village.

They should recuse themselves until such time that they are more familiar with our town. All three are welcome to submit their applications in March of 2018. Until then I advise an adjournment of the BAR, a committee that has been the cause of much unwanted, ugly houses in our midst. No more !

 Further, I made a recommendation for five years' residency to serve on the BAR.

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