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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Ogden,Brewster, Hampton,Lockwood, Kelwyne Road Houses

        Driving around this afternoon admiring some houses and wondering how some others ever made it past the BAR, my usual gripe...

    This is 42 Ogden Road at the corner of Ogden and Brewster Roads.

    I thought I was in the Hamptons. When and how did this  ever get here ?

More of the above, here below:

People at the home below get to look at the house above. Can you believe these two are right across from one another ?

This is 43 Brewster Road at the corner of Brewster and Ogden Roads above and below.

Continuing on to South Church Lane where there were two open houses in close proximity:

Above 17 South Church Lane, below 16 South Church Lane, a classic.

Below 59 Lockwood Road, another open house, Sunday afternoon:

It is at the corner of Lockwood and South Church Lane:

Corner view above.
Inside details, typical of a Tudor home:

Had to go back to the tag sale to check it all out, could not resist this sign:

They said the house is sold. 

Empty lot at the corner of Ogden and the Bronx River Parkway. The old ranch is gone !

Driving on Hampton Road, here below are three views of 32 Hampton Road:

This is 24 Hampton Road, below:

Look at the stone detail, above the windows. The colors, the careful workmanship.

22 Hampton Road, below:

     Here are two views of 1 Kelwyne Road:

This is 38 Lockwood Road below:

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as do. Now, we have to make sure these houses are preserved and whatever new is built, is built in close adherence to these classics.

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