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Sunday, March 19, 2017

In support of the VCP

Our Mayoral candidate Bob Berg and his wife Jill S. Krutick hosted a great party last night for the VCP. Supporters in attendance:  Subbakrishnas, Mehtas, Harrissons, Jane Curley  and too many others to name here showed up for a fun evening of good conversation and hope for a better Scarsdale, finally..

Bob Berg with Brice Kirkendall-Rodriguez and a concerned resident in his living room.

The marvelous and incredible Mayra with the delicious paella she prepared.
                                                    Very well behaved kids ...

The artist in residence is Jill S. Krutick above, Bob Berg's wife and gracious hostess with her art. Their house is full of pieces she has created over the years showing different stages of her evolution as a very interesting artist. 

She explained: "My art keeps evolving".  It certainly does. 

Her work is now on display at Manolis Projects at 335NE 59th Street, Miami Florida. She said over a dozen of her largest works are on display there and soon there will be a museum show. Details to follow...For more information contact her at Jillkrutick1@gmail.com.

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