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Thursday, March 23, 2017

BAR, CHP decisions March 20-21 2017

Here we are, changing  the face of Scarsdale:

This is the Committee of Historic "Preservation"  preserving in Scarsdale:

At their last meeting on March 21, 2017:

175 Nelson Rd. built in 1909-APPROVED

 350 Heathcote Rd. built in 1926-APPROVED

 72 Sheldrake Rd. built in 1938-APPROVED

 99 Cushman Rd. built in 1915-APPROVED

 67 Chase Rd. built in 1959-APPROVED

19 Griffen Ave. built in 1975-HELD OVER

Here  BAR's results from their March 20, 3017 meeting:

Approved with conditions, means the BAR approved most of the submission with minor changes. This is noted as " Approved with Conditions" so that when the Building Department inspector visits the property he can check these minor changes.


  1. Something needs to be done to prevent this invasion of oversized buildings that destroy the character or the town we live. This is not about turning the clock back or opposing any construction at any cost. But it is about creating an accountability at the level of people who approve these new constructions to understand and to explain to us whether or not there is a vision of Scarsdale that will emerge after this construction frenzy and importantly what is this vision.

  2. I was the author of the comments about the need for improved accountability in the approval process for new and inappropriately large buildings. I would be delighted to contribute in anyway I can for organizing an initiative to secure this objective.

  3. Very well said.

    I have been saying this for years but they keep avoiding the issue. Let us hope the new board of trustees will have the courage to tackle this issue and enlighten us all.