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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Our Water with Cryptosporidium

The reason why we have water that is not up to current standards from our Village Manager, Mr. Steve Pappalardo:

My question: Did the County ever explain why they failed to keep their water treatment facilities up to EPA standards and why we cannot get UV treated, clean water sooner ? – 

Mr. Pappalardo's answer: The County, representing Water District #1, was tardy in deciding on the methodology to comply with the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act relative to the dates identified in the Federal.  As such they were sued by the Federal EPA and eventually placed on a Consent Order by the EPA, required to pay over $1M in fines and placed on an implementation schedule for the design and construction of the UV Disinfection Treatment Plants in White Plains. They are currently on-schedule with this work.

By 2018, the County is  supposed to have the correct UV treatment in place.

Here is more on Cryptosporidium from the World Health Organization:Click, here.

And here some  more information on Cryptosporidium excedance:Click here.

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