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Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Curious Case of the Conservation Advisory Council

Here, we go again:

The Conservation Advisory Council, on the Village site claims they meet once a month in a meeting room in Village Hall, and advises the interested parties to contact the Council for meeting date and time.

But this is what you get, if you do that:

More secret meetings, like we needed them...

 It is also strange that they are never on the  Village Calendar. It seems to me they got a bit too involved in this conservation business and are now conserving themselves...

These residents are currently "serving" on the CAC:

Who Serves on the Council?

As with all Village Board or Councils, Council members are volunteers appointed by the Village Board of Trustees.  The members serve for 2-year open-ended terms. Current members are:

Lee Fischman, Chair
John Auerbacher
Bana Choura Loughran
Bernard Kobroff
Duncan Wilson
Joan Weissman
Ron Schulhof
Trustee Deborah Pekarek, Liaison

Editorial observation: Lee Fischman and Joanne Wallenstein's ( of Scarsdale10583.com fame  )  husband have the same last name. But then again, there are many Fischmen...

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