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Friday, April 28, 2017

Our Mayor Dan Hochvert, hard at work !

Driving around the library, I thought I would stop by the site of the new trees to be planted tomorrow. 300 saplings to be planted tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. as part of Earth day celebrations.

Guess who was there, digging and working away Friday afternoon at 5:30 p.m.:

He said he had to finish up what he had promised to do and that was what he was doing. Hurray to our Mayor ! Such dedication and service cannot be matched. We are so lucky to have him !

This is tulip island in Fox Meadow. Harcourt Road and Brewster Road.

Here is the announcement from the Recreation Department:

Community Planting Day - 4492REGISTER

Ages:  4 Yrs. to 100 Yrs. 

- fee $0.00 

Join Scarsdale's neighbors and nature lovers in a celebration of Arbor Day and Earth Day as we continue to restore Harwood Park wetland. In conjunction with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation 'Trees for Tribs Program' the Village of Scarsdale and the Friends of the Scarsdale Parks have secured an additional 320 native trees and shrubs for this 11-acre park along the South Fox Meadow Brook, part of the Bronx River watershed system that feeds into the East River & Long Island Sound. 

With a total of 320 plantings we need your help. All individuals, families, youth groups, and businesses are welcome to take part in this one of a kind event. Please dress accordingly for outdoor planting (gloves/waterproof shoes/etc.). Don't miss your chance to make a difference!  *Plantings will take place along the South Fox Meadow Brook in the Brewster Road-Harwood Park Wetland (meet at the north end of the High School gravel parking lot)

Spots Available: 343 

Happy Earth Day ! Happy Birthday Earth ! 

You made it to 13.4 billion years, inspite of the Homo sapiens !!!

Compost again ! Saturday May 6th

Here we go, one more time, especially for those of us who did not get any last time:

Village of Scarsdale
For Immediate Release
Contact: Public Works Department 914-722-1150

Back by Popular Demand: Free Food Scrap Compost & Rain Barrels!
Thanks to everyone that participated in our Earth Day giveaway of free compost and rain barrels! Because the event was such a huge success, we’re bringing it back for an encore performance on May 06, 2017.
The Village of Scarsdale is once again making high quality food scrap compost and rain barrels available to all residents for FREE on a first come, first served basis! Simply bring a pail, bucket, or other receptacle to the Scarsdale Recycling Center, 110 Secor Road, from 8:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 06, 2017, and take some compost home!
High quality food scrap compost material is being provided pursuant to the successful Village of Scarsdale residential Food Scrap Recycling program, which now has over 550 pioneering participants that have recycled over 26,000 pounds, or roughly 13 tons, of food waste since the beginning of the program in January 2017. Impressive, indeed!
We would like to reach 1,000 participating households during the program’s first year, so don’t just simply spread your compost, help spread the word! Bring a friend to the event and s/he will not only learn about the program, but can also get a food scrap recycling kit on-the-spot. Additional program information can be accessed here: http://www.scarsdale.com/495/Food-Scrap-Recycling.
The food scrap compost can be used in one’s vegetable garden, flower beds, or to enrich turf in place of chemical fertilizers. As noted above, FREE rain barrels will also be available.
The Village of Scarsdale Food Scrap Recycling program was formed through community collaboration, with program implementation guided by the Committee on Food Scrap Recycling, comprised of the following members: Benedict Salanitro, Public Works Superintendent; Ron Schulhof, resident volunteer; Tyler Seifert, Assistant to the Public Works Superintendent; and Michelle Sterling, resident volunteer.
page1image19296 page1image19456

Freightway Steering Committee Meeting April 27, 2017

Last night there was a meeting of the Freightway Steering Committee in the Trustees' Room in Village Hall starting at 7:00 p.m. promptly.

In attendance, as you can see partly from this picture:

Former mayor Jon Mark, chairing the meeting then, all of the above on the agenda except: Kristin Friedman, Andrew McMurray and Chris Morin who could not attend. ( I hope I got this right, since I arrived late by a couple of minutes, the meeting is not recorded, please report any inaccurate information ).

In the picture, to the left of Jon Mark is Farley Baker, Justin Arrest, Jim Blum, Ingrid Richards. To the right is Marc Samwick, Mathew Martin, Barbara Jaffe, Heather Harrison, Liz Marrinnan and from BFJ: Frank Fish and others I could not include in the picture.

My apologies to those I could not include in the picture. I try to be as unobtrusive as I can taking pictures and at times this means I cannot take everyone. I will try to equalize exposure at the next opportunity.

Those around the table, are the ones on the Committee and then there were the following in attendance as well:

Brice Kirkendall-Rodriguez, Lena Crandall, ML Perlman, Trustee Jane Veron, Trustee Matt Callaghan and myself.

First, all the committee members introduced themselves with a few sentences:

Jim Blum: consulting engineer, second generation resident of Scarsdale, Barbara Jaffe: 44 years resident, she does work for Amy Paulin, Farley Baker runs his own constructing firm now, was chair of the BAR, etc., Marc Samwick, on his 4th year as Trustee, 20 year resident, Justin Arrest is in commercial real estate, Mathew Martin 10 year resident, currently president of SNAP, president of Arthur Manor, Heather Harrison real estate agent and resident for a few generations.

From BFJ, Mr. Fish talked about various current challenges to keep in mind, such as; the fact that UBER is replacing people driving cars and soon there will be autonomous cars, so parking will not be such an issue. Shopping on the Internet is replacing retail and that millennials like to be near transportation. He thought it best to design a flexible structure with flat surfaces, so that if a garage became obsolete in the near future the building could easily be converted to residential.

Trustee Callaghan sitting next to me told me he remembered when Heather Harrison was born and that they had been friends with her parents for a long time. It is such connections that make our volunteers' work invaluable- when it works- it is great. I know I have been critical of our volunteers' work, but it is only because I want to see this town be better and not be engulfed in concrete. Unfortunately too often, we seem to be focused on immediate returns and do not take a more prolonged view with delayed returns. In the long term we want this Village preserved and not taken over by mega-mansions or be a victim of the real-estate industry.

In this vein, I hope this Freightway report will have a green component not only in green design, but also in physical green terms with plants, shrubs, year round vegetative interest, maybe a water fountain or so which brings to mind these pictures I took in Europe last summer and this past Spring:

First two from Switzerland, last one in Oxford, UK.

They said they will have a website, with all information uploaded, they want all e-mail to go through Liz Marrinnan, they will hold a public meeting on June 12th.

May 23rd, there will be a walk to the site, meeting at 8:00 a.m. at Martine's at the Village Center and on May 31st a meeting of the Steering Committee prior to the June 12th public workshop.

The final report will be produced by February, 2018.

Any omissions, corrections please report to Lika@Save-Scarsdale.org.

Last revised at 12:47 p.m. EDT Friday April 29th, 2017.

Monday, April 24, 2017

23 Innes Road in the Inquirer of April 21, 2017

The new face of Scarsdale... 7 Bedrooms, on 0.5 acres...

Seven baths, three half baths... 

Fail to grasp the need for 10 lavatories...Unless you have 10 kids with dirty hands in Scarsdale schools...

Last revised 4:37p.m. EDT  Tuesday April 25th, 2017.

Meetings week of April 24th, 2017

For further details, you can log on to Scarsdale.com.

Earth day Tips from NY DEC and Compost in Scarsdale

We have ( so far, and for the foreseeable future ) only one Earth.

Let us take care of it.

50 Earth Day Tips

At Home

In the kitchen...
  • Set the refrigerator temperature between 38 F and 42 F.
  • Set the freezer temperature between O F and 5 F.
  • Microwave whenever you can.
  • Don't wash dishes with the water running.
In the dining room...
  • Use napkin rings and cloth napkins.
  • Use washable plates, cups and silverware.
  • Serve condiments from recyclable containers.
  • Provide personal glasses for soft drinks.
In the laundry...
  • Wash and dry only full loads.
  • Wash with warm water instead of hot.
  • Rinse with cold water instead of warm.
  • Hang wash out to dry.
In the bathroom...
  • Shut off the sink while brushing your teeth.
  • Shut off the shower while soaping or scrubbing.
  • Install a low-flow shower head.
  • Reduce the volume of water in your toilet tank.
In the living room...
  • Switch off unnecessary lights.
  • Dress warm: don't turn up the furnace.
  • Dress cool: don't turn on the air conditioner.
  • Raise shades on winter days; lower them in summer.
  • Reverse your fans for summer and winter operations as recommended.
In the yard...
  • Compost leaves and grass clippings.
  • Avoid pesticides, use nontoxic alternatives.
  • Apply only as much fertilizer as the lawn needs.
  • Water the grass early in the morning.
  • Plant a tree.
In the garage...
  • Recycle motor oil, antifreeze and car batteries.

Away from Home

In the car...
  • Drive at the speed limit.
  • Avoid sudden starts or stops.
  • Don't overfill the fuel tank.
  • Check the tire pressure monthly.
  • Change air and oil filters regularly.
At the store . . .
  • Don't buy over packaged items.
  • Choose products in reusable and/or recyclable containers.
  • Buy concentrated cleaners and detergents.
  • Return empty bottles and cans for deposit.
  • Bring your own string bag or cloth tote.
At work...
  • Send electronic copies whenever possible.
  • Copy reports and memos on both sides.
  • Circulate rather than copy paperwork.
  • Reuse tubes and envelopes for mailing.
  • Recycle.
At play...
  • Carry out what you carry in.
  • Hike, row, sail, ski or paddle - don't motor.
  • Build campfires with care.
  • Observe, don't disturb wildlife and plant life.
  • Share books, magazines, CDs and DVDs with friends, hospitals and prisons.
At school . . .

  • Copy bulletins and exams on two sides, make notes and drafts on scrap paper.
  • Reuse textbooks and school supplies.
  • Serve reusable trays, dishes and silverware.
  • Compost cafeteria vegetable wastes.
  • Recycle!

The compost give-away in Scarsdale was very successful. So successful that when I arrived at 2:00 p.m. I was informed there was none left. All was gone by 12:30 p.m. and starting at 8:00 a.m. there was a line of cars and a steady stream of compost seekers.

Michele Sterling informed me they will have another compost give-away day.

Congratulations Scarsdale !

More homes, more compost, less garbage. Better Earth !

Last revised at 11:34 a.m. EDT Monday April 24th, 2017.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Earth Day, April 22, 2017


In Scarsdale:

Hello Scarsdale Food Scrap Recycling Participants,

 As a reminder, this Saturday (April 22nd), we will have a FREE COMPOST GIVE BACK DAY!  Event will be held Rain or Shine. 

All Scarsdale residents visiting the Scarsdale Recycling Center from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm will be able to receive compost recycled from YOUR very own food scraps!  Simply bring a pail, bucket or other receptacle, and take some home! You can use it in your garden, flower beds or sprinkle it on your turf.  Also available on that day will be FREE RAIN BARRELS for anyone who is interested!

 THANK YOU for being Scarsdale's pioneering first 500+ residents to participate in this program.  You are what is driving its success!  Since the program launched in January, we have collected over 21,000 pounds of food waste (10.5 tons)!  All of these food scraps have been returned to the earth and converted into useful compost!

 PLEASE CONTINUE SPREADING THE WORD ABOUT THE PROGRAM, so we can reach our goal of 1,000 participating households in the first year.

 Thanks again for participating, happy food scrap recycling and as always please email composting@scarsdale.com anytime with questions, comments or feedback.


 The Scarsdale Committee on Food Scrap Recycling, made up of:

Ron Schulhof, resident and volunteer

Michelle Sterling, resident and volunteer

Benedict Salanitro, Superintendent, Scarsdale Dept. of Public Works
Tyler Seifert, Assistant to the Superintendent, Scarsdale Dept. of Public Work    
United States

And if you like raw milk, this is in Millbrook, NY.

From New York DEC:

Look for the Zero Reminder: Use Only Phosphorus-Free Lawn Fertilizer

New York's nutrient runoff law prohibits the Devil duckuse of phosphorus lawn fertilizers unless a new lawn is being established or a soil test shows that the lawn does not have enough phosphorus. Regardless of the location, excess phosphorus from lawns can wash off and pollute lakes and streams, harming fish and ruining boating and swimming. More than 100 waterbodies in the state cannot be used or enjoyed as a result of too much phosphorus. For more information, visit DEC's Lawn Fertilizer web page.

Last revised 4:26 p.m. EDT Friday April 21, 2017.

19 Griffen Avenue April 21 2017, Scarsdale...

Death Sentence handed on Tuesday April 18th, 2017. Curtesy of "Committee for Historic Preservation"...

Dumpster there, Thursday ready to go to a dump site somewhere...

All is not bleak. Spring in the garden:

Monday, April 17, 2017

Lawn Care Tips from NY State DEC

Leave it on the Lawn

Grass Recycling

Lawn Care Waste Reduction Tips

How do you dispose of grass clippings after mowing the lawn? Do you...
  • Put them in the garbage?
  • Put them on the curb for collection?
  • Compost them?

Why not try to "Leave It On The Lawn!" It will:

  • Benefit the environment.
  • Improve your lawn.
  • Save time.
  • Save landfill space.

Why You Should "Leave It On The Lawn."

a child using a push mower
How do you dispose of grass
clippings after mowing the lawn?

Benefits the environment by reducing the amount and frequency of fertilizer application. Grass clippings are 80% water and contain 2- 4% nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients. This is also good for you (lower fertilizer costs).
Improves your lawn. Leaving grass clippings on the lawn returns nutrients to the soil resulting in healthier turf.
Saves time. Since the grass is no longer bagged, fewer stops are required.
Reduces the amount of garbage you throw out. Grass clippings can account for as much as 10% of the garbage we produce.

How To "Leave It On The Lawn"

Allow your grass to grow to three inches and then cut no more than one inch off the top. This is the "one-third" rule. This helps develop a deeper root system which is a natural defense against weeds, disease and drought.
During fast growing periods you may have to cut the grass every four to seven days

Common Questions

1. Do grass clippings cause thatch?
No. Thatch is an accumulation of the "woody" parts of the grass plant: stems, roots and stolons, not the clippings. Thatch is most often caused by over-watering and over-fertilizing.
2. Isn't it more work to mow the lawn often enough to keep the clippings short?
No. Cutting grass before it is overgrown is easier and faster. Eliminating the time and effort it takes to bag clippings further shortens the mowing time.
3. What if my lawn grows too high between mowings to leave the clippings?
You have several options. You may mow over the clippings to further shred and scatter them. You may raise the mower height so only the top third of the grass blade is removed and then gradually lower the mower height over the span of several mowings.
4. Do I need a mulching mower?
No. Mulching blades and adaptor kits are available for many types of lawn mowers. When it is time to replace your mower, consider purchasing an electric mulching mower.

Other Useful Lawn Information

  • Watering your lawn is best done in the early morning. An inch of water per week is sufficient for good root growth.
  • Fertilizing varies with soil types and growing conditions. The rule of thumb is 2 to 4 pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet of lawn per year.
  • Test the soil to determine your fertilizer need and remember to adjust the pH of the soil to between 6.5 and 7.2. This will improve the efficiency of the nutrients.

Studies have shown that grass recycling reduces the need for fertilizer by 25%.

For Your Information

  • 1/4 acre of lawn produces more than 1½ tons of clippings during the growing season!
  • The overall time spent on lawn care decreases with the elimination of bagging, even when mowing increases to once every four to seven days!

Do You Compost Yard Debris?

If you don't want to leave grass clippings on your lawn, try backyard composting. Composting your organic wastes in the backyard is simple and beneficial. There are many methods to backyard composting ranging from a simple pile to a purchased composting bin.
For more information on "Leave It On The Lawn" or backyard composting contact: NYSDEC Bureau of Waste Reduction and Recycling 625 Broadway Albany, NY 12233-7253 (518) 402-8706 Or E-mail us at: recycling@dec.ny.gov Or contact your local Cornell Cooperative Extension Office.