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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Monuments to Negligence: Planning Board Decisions for June 28th Meeting

Very disappointing, if not maddening and very upsetting.

After so many residents talked, pleaded with  PB members and Chair Jim Blum, we learned the result below... 7-Eleven belongs on Central Avenue not next to a residential neighborhood. They divulged the real reason: $5,000. 00 per day revenue in their old location..

The PB could not turn them down because our Village code does not differentiate between retail and retail that is a 24 hour business.  Our code is stuck in the dark ages !!!

We have a full time Village Attorney, I hear with assistants now, plus a full time Planner with an assistant as well, residents who pride themselves for their service to this town and now this. 

 We will exist as long we can correctly predict and prepare for the future. Not remain helpless and hapless at every turn. No action, no reaction...Pre-emptive planning not reactive helplessness...

Same reason why we get to celebrate July 4th on June 29th. Next year prepare for Easter celebrations with July 4th fireworks, curtesy of our Village - who has no say... Why not ? Do we need this after the County can't even deliver clean water ? All this the day we received our tax bill for our dear Village...

Is this service or disservice ? Who wants a 24 hour inconvenience next door ?

The burglaries, hold-ups, the unwelcome population who will roam our streets at 2:00 a.m. We will send them to the PB members' dwellings or the VB members' who think the Village needs this kind of revitalization... Some creativity.

If this is theVB's idea of revitalization for our Village, what next ? This decision should be reversed and 7-Eleven sent on their way out of our town. Way, way out...across the river, across the country. They have 65,000 stores in the world we were told. This one does not belong here.

BodyFit was there and now Body Unfit will move in. Who needs what 7-Eleven has to sell?

Residences in the back...

Fumes from the dry-cleaner next door...

Our teen center next door...

In the same manner 2-4 Weaver's application not to bury the power lines was approved. The spoiled brat of the PB. We agreed to one planning years ago after so many meetings, now at every occasion they put in an application to have their way.Their way and the highway. 

The residents are not being served right.

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