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Friday, September 29, 2017

Freightway site re-development workshop with BFJ Consulting

  Last night at the Scarsdale Congregational church there was yet another meeting/workshop on the Freightway site. Here are a few pictures, round table discussion and presentation after the discussion:

The best comment came from Brice Kirkendall-Rodriguez who has lived in the area for a while.

He said we should take our time planning for this site, we should not hurry since what does get built will be there for the next 100 years. I agree. 

This sense of immediate doom, is not getting us anywhere. The site is too big, there is too much to consider. It is almost like we are all getting crushed with the weight of this project. Maybe we should divide it into three or four components and take it one step at a time...

The MTA Station should probably relocate to the Freightway site and make one cohesive Village Center and then we could start planning around that. As is, the Station on one site, the garage on the other, the bridge in between is too much to consider. Too hodge, podge, nothing cohesive.

However, I must say everyone seemed to like the Highline idea, that we needed to have some green space in and around the garage to soften and lend some elegance, some green elements, some air to breathe. 

An underground parking with the station on top, a couple of apartments,  couple of shops.

Small, nothing too big, nothing overwhelming. A park with plaza and fountains, some benches, free wi-fi.

Simple, elegant, small. Lovely, I say !

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