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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving to you all !

For the past few weeks I was traveling overseas and trying remotely to cover the news here in Scarsdale. So, I was not aware of what was brewing. Of course I was upset that 12 Dolma got the demolish approval last week from our Board ( the very Bored and totally useless )  Board of Trustees...We trusted them, but hey have not been trustworthy. Destroying our Village at every meeting, not paying attention to our letters, not paying attention to anything but their own power trips. Abuse of power at its best.

Anyway, good news hit me fast. Catherine Ferris from the Scarsdale Inquirer contacted me yesterday via e-mail to ask me to call her since she wanted to do a story on the CHP members resigning Tuesday night. Could not believe my eyes ! Finally there was justice, finally CHP members were doing something worthy of this beautiful, historic Village.

Catherine wanted my views on this subject, we talked for a little while. I am looking forward to reading her story tomorrow.

I then talked to Barbara Jaffe a member of the CHP, who did not resign... Why I do not understand. Another member was abroad, but four others signed Chair William Silverman's letter which is posted on the Scarsdale10583.com site. Joanne did a story on this for those wishing to read it.

Congratulations and Bravo to the CHP Chair and Members:

William Silverman, Chair
David J. Peck
John Cromwell
Alan Seinfeld
Abigail Olson

This Thanksgiving I am very grateful indeed to you !

Joyce Hirsch was out of town apparently, but no excuse she could have contributed.

Now, what next ? I called our Mayor Dan Hochvert, he has not returned my call yet.

I think there should be a five year moratorium on all building applications. No more applications can come through Village Hall until this matter is resolved to the satisfaction of the residents who care for this Village.

Developers and real estate agents move elsewhere. You have defaced and destroyed our Village enough. I am disappointed and outraged but hope we can resolve this matter for the better.

All land use boards should follow the CHP example and  resign: the ZBA, Planning, the BAR and members of the VB who cannot govern. Serve for once, protect this Village, do not destroy it.

We need real people, real professionals who can govern.

Volunteers serve but are not accountable. Therefore they only serve themselves. This is not right, this is enough.

Just drive on Post Road from White Plains to Scarsdale, observe the empty lots. Observe the houses that were demolished and the subdivisions waiting to happen. The Planner was telling me years ago, that there were no more subdivisions, no more empty lots. I guess she does not know Scarsdale enough.  Time too take a walk.

I hope to see a plan to protect this Village soon. I will serve, if they elect me on an overseer capacity.

This is not Zimbabwe. Even Mugabe is gone !

We have to protect this Village and elect officials who will serve us.

Last revised Thanksgiving Day, Thursday November 23rd at 11:15 a.m.

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