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Saturday, November 25, 2017


Interesting that Scarsdale10583.com does not even know how to count or can't edit own articles.

For clarity: It is the Chairman and four members of the CHP who have resigned, her article heading says: Chairman and five members...go Google to see it. For obvious reasons I am no longer providing links.

Chair: William Silverman

Members: Alan Steinfeld
                 John Cromwell
                 David Peck
                 Abigail Olsen

Barbara Jaffe did not sign this letter even though she publicly expressed frustration. I guess she wants to be in two camps at once.

Joyce Hirsch was absent I was told.

Other comments on the Scarsdale10583 site follow suit and  various levels of propriety... A local developer for example seems very angry... Wonder why.

On my site, all errors are mine and solely mine. If pointed out, I shall gladly correct such error(s).

On the Village's website you can watch the whole proceeding during the November 14, 2018 meeting and watch Mayor Hochvert read the  convoluted, resolution which lasted 19:45. 19 minutes 45 seconds. Our Village Manager Steve Pappalardo feels sorry for him at one point, and hands over a plastic cup of water.

All this reminds me of a song: " You lived your life, like a candle in the wind". Was written for Marilyn Monroe. Today it applies to Scarsdale soon to be Slums-dale courtesy of our Non-Partisan  system: short sighted, unprincipled management. Sell away Scarsdale.

All mechanisms exist to prevent our town from becoming polluted like this and all is being maneuvered to cater to short-sighted greed.

Welcome to this America: Land of the free and greedy !

In the same meeting at the Public Comment session two ladies get up for their report on TAP.

They are required to disclose their address in Scarsdale during this public comment session. One of them Dale Khan ( not sure of the spelling ) does not even give her address, but says she uses a P.O. Box. 146 for the record. May be like Eudora Welty. At that point I turned off the screen.

Who wants to hear a report from somebody living in a mailbox ? Not willing to disclose her dwelling in Scarsdale ?...

Scarsdale or Slumsdale...You decide. Better still: Sorry-dale.

18 Heathcote is still growing. Having just seen the Taj Mahal, I would say it is heading that way. Though the Taj has a huge front garden. This one, per our town planner: Screening. So that they can have their 15,000 or more square foot dwelling. Sky is no l longer the limit. The universe is expanding at an accelerating rate... Go figure. Scarsdale is certainly trying to keep pace.

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