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Sunday, December 24, 2017

A very short to do list for the VB for 2018

1. Make sure our character homes are preserved. Double standards are not allowed: One meeting declare it old, the other approve its demolition.. What is going on ?...

Order studies that you will honor. Tax payer money goes into studies. The study identifies the house, 12 Dolma as one that should be preserved, the BOT votes to raze it. Where is justice, where is consistency, where is fairness ?

12 Dolma, 53 Old Orchard as well as 7 Hamilton Road or smaller houses should be preserved. A house need not be huge or in the " Mansion" areas to be preserved.

2. Make sure big houses are not built on small lots. A lot that is a third of an acre or less, cannot support a house 7,500 or 9,500 square feet however you calculate it. Corner lots are especially vulnerable. Close the loop holes allowing for dormers to become living spaces.

3. All our roads need to be resurfaced. A home-owner paying $ 30,000 a year in taxes or more deserves to navigate on decent roads.

4. Re-upholster the chairs in the third floor meeting room. With a budget in the $ 50 Mil. range, I do not know why this is neglected.

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