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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

BAR Agenda for Monday December 11, 2017

Who needs more new houses totally out of proportion ?

Remember the BAR mission statement:

You tell me if the latest new houses I have been posting on this site are in harmony with the neighboring community... How about totally jarring ?...

The BAR members need to wake up from their slumber and resign until proper preservation and conservation is instituted. Shuffling papers is not what we need.

Our trustees have been trusted to govern this town, but one decision one day, another the other day ( 12 Dolma), hiring consultants and ordering studies they will not honor is waste of resident dollars to beef up their resume. They were after all a "Scarsdale Trustee" or a "Mayor of Scarsdale"....

Use and abuse in the name of civic duty, only in Scarsdale. 

Very Scaresdale...

First revised 10:46 EST Wednesday, December 6 2017.

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