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Monday, December 4, 2017

Our water with Giardia and Cryptosporidium

This is from the notice we received once again with our water bill:

From above:

The December 17, 2016 cryptosporidium result was 0.02 cysts/liter and not zero !

The January 24, February 14, March 7 and May 4, 2017 results indicate presence of giardia less than 0.06 cysts/liter. Again not zero.

The trouble with these  parasitic organisms is that they exist in the body until they multiply and reach untenable levels and cause disease. Any amount is undesirable since in the human body which acts as a favorable host, they will multiply.

The County failed in keeping up their cleanliness protocol, instead we get to pay higher water rates and risk getting sick. I for one switched to bottled water. Thank you Scarsdale.

The County should reimburse each household: 5,000 of us in Scarsdale for our water expense at $ 100 a month for the last three years or so instead of giving us free rain barrels... Sorry Astorino!

That is : 5,000 x 100 x12 x3=  $ 18 Million.

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