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Thursday, February 15, 2018

"Elections" 2018 in Scarsdale

There will be "Elections" this year on March 20th.

As I mentioned in previous entries before, the Scarsdale government system has stopped working for its residents a long time ago... It has the appearance of working for us, but it only does so for its "volunteer" residents who just help themselves while shuffling paper and appearing busy...

Of course there are exceptions to this.. There has been the genuine few who served or even is serving here just to serve and not to pad up their attorney's C.V. Very few authentics among the vampires...

Most are, were attorneys or aspiring public servants hoping to get another public service job and using this as a stepping stone...Not doing much for Scarsdale and even damaging Scarsdale with their inactions, their delay tactics...

One year has passed. One more with the CNC slate. Sub-divisions have continued, the ZBA has approved more variances, the green Scarsdale is becoming the cement Scarsdale of asphalt and mega-mansions... Our taxes are sky-high, our water non-potable, our roads full of pot holes.

Our resident volunteers serving themselves and not the residents.

Another election coming up, with another delay and conquer slate from the CNC.

Luckily Bob Berg is running again. He even won the latest confrontation with our totalitarian regime. No, they said we could not put lawn signs promoting political views on our lawns. The Village Police started removing the signs. Bob Berg argued in front of the court and won... Per the Scarsdale Inquirer of February 9th. Congratulations !!!

This oppressive, totalitarian regime that we have been subjected to for so long has to go...Russia crumbled to resurrect in Scarsdale. Scam-dale and Scan (dal)-dale...Not acceptable and utterly deplorable... The real estate industry has grabbed the key positions in town, posing as volunteers and  are grabbing every opportunity to make a buck or a million bucks in this case. Of course, who can fault volunteers or for that matter who can fire volunteers ?

Great scheme... Only attorneys with a lot of time in their hands could come up with...

Time is up ! Masks down !

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