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Monday, March 5, 2018

A Tale of Two Cupolas

First picture below, is the Harwood Building in village center where the Scarsdale train station is. Notice the cupola with a weather vane. Close ups show a carriage with four horses, the kind Santa could use during his deliveries at Christmas time. Does the weather vane change with the seasons ? 

Don't know. Will have to see and report back. So far, pretty good.

This next cupola below, is from the new development at Heathcote Tavern, 2-4 Weaver Street site. Notice how it reflects the Village Center cupola, the Harwood Cupola. Maybe they did listen to me after all...I think it does connect the two areas and provides a continuity or at least a harmony...

No weathervane on this one. I think it is better without one. Don't  you agree ?

This is the 2-4 Weaver Street housing development shaping up below. I like the way it is looking. After years and years of revisions, citizen input, many long nights spent at Village Hall with the developer, architects, concerned residents.

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