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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Spring is almost here !

If we can't get out, due to a nor'easter or snow we can still visit all places virtually and plan for warmer, greener days. Provided of course you have power. Get your calendar, start planning.

Enjoy and rejoice we have all this open space and think of ways to add to the inventory. How are you going to contribute ?  Composting ? Shopping at the local farmers' market ? Signing up for a CSA ?Setting aside the one corner of your yard ? Or donating several thousand acres to wildlife ? Every bit counts.

Recent weather events confirm we need more trees, more open space. As we live in more and more congested areas, we risk the danger of downed power lines, trees, etc., etc. As I drove around yesterday in New Rochelle, Scarsdale the evidence was all too clear. If we had more open space, the damage would not have been as much.

Of course, we in the northeast live next to a huge bath-tub called the Atlantic Ocean and its warming and cooling causes all kinds of  "weather events"... Let alone the human events we have added to compound the issue..

More space, more green space, more open space for wildlife, for human life.

One cannot have enough open space, enough trees. But certainly one can have enough buildings.

Walk in a forest and come back renewed. Walk in Manhattan and you will need a shrink sooner than you can say "Hello".

Here are some places and links to get you started:

Garden Conservancy:
Native Plant Center:

John Jay Homestead:

Westchester Land Preserve:

Greenwich Audubon

Greenburgh Nature Center


New York Botanical Garden:

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