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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Scarsdale Composts...

We have been separating our food scraps, putting them in bins and delivering them to the recycling center for over a year now. After about a year, I wanted to know how successful the program has been. 

 I e-mailed Ron Schulhof, the resident who started this program with Michelle Sterling and received the following:

Dear Lika

Thank you for your email and kind words.  Here are the metrics:
  • Approximately 800 kits have been purchased
  • 46,180 lbs. of food scraps have been recycled in 2018 (as of 3/27/18)
  • During the same period in 2017, 15,180 lbs. of food scraps were recycled
As I'm sure you heard, the Village Board recently approved weekly curbside pickup of food scraps.  We're very excited that Scarsdale will soon be the first municipality in Westchester with a curbside pickup for food scraps.  The Village is preparing the rollout and will be sending out further details before the service launches.  The drop-off site at the Recycling Center will remain open for residents to drop off as well.


I followed up with more questions, below. Still waiting for the answers...

Thank you for your answers below, which prompted some more questions:

1.How much is this composting costing the village ? Who is providing the compost kits ? Are we making money from their sale ?

2. I know we have to have the compost taken off site. How much has this cost so far ?

3. Are you planning on providing free compost again this year ? Will it be our own ? Or will you buy compost again ?…

4. When could we switch to composting on site ?

5. How much savings has the compost program provided the Village, given that is garbage that does not have to be taken out… Is there savings in that, garbage versus compost ? Other than the feel-good effect of not wasting our food scraps…

Thanks so much !

After talking so much about refuse, I thought I would leave you with these two pictures: 

An American goldfinch at the feeder on the right this past Monday, April 2nd, and from the board of the Katonah Library.

For answers to my questions to Ron, please see Monday April 9th's post.

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