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Monday, April 2, 2018

Visit to NYC - DEP Newtown Creek Facility

I was happy to attend a presentation for educators recently at DEP's facility in Brooklyn, NY.

The workshop was called "Wastewater Treatment & Food Waste-to-Energy teacher Workshop".

The Newtown Creek facility is on 53 acres and treats 310 million of gallons every day serving over 1 million people. It treats sewage water as well as drains from roof-tops, river over-flow, etc.

After treating the water, disinfected cleaned water is returned to the city's waterways.

The DEP started from educators because schools use the most energy and they thought educating students would serve the dual purpose of educating the young generation at home and at school.

More information:

NYC wants a Zero Waste goal soon... All our waste will be repurposed...

To note: A dirty plastic cup of yogurt is better, than no cup. So go ahead an recycle that cup even if you do not have the time to rinse it. And no, it is not a good idea to put oil down the drain. It does the same things it would do in your body: clogs up the arteries of the city... We were advised to freeze or to compost it.

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