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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Voters Choice Party, Trustees' Meetings

We received an e-mail from Bob Berg, VCP urging us to attend the Trustees' meeting this Tuesday:

We hope that you had a great spring break! If you attend only one Village Hall meeting a year, please attend this Tuesday, April 10th at Village Hall at 8:00pm. The Mayor and Board of Trustees are holding a hearing to listen to comments from Scarsdale residents about the proposed 2018-2019 budget. The full agenda is here. Page 67 of the agenda states that there will be another hearing on the proposed tree code on April 26 at 8pm. Pages 68-124 have Village memos and comments by residents who spoke against the proposed tree code.

I don't remember signing up for their newsletter, but that is another story.

I admire Bob and his team's energy, but they seem to be a little wet behind the ears as they say. After 27 years here, and his 16, I think I see things differently.

Don't bother attending the Trustees' meeting, unless you like puppet shows or free entertainment as my late neighbor Norma Roberts used to say.

They don't listen, they just act on a predetermined script. Why leave the comfort of your home, you can watch it all online, see previous versions: https://scarsdaleny.swagit.com/play/03272018-1699 See ?...

Government here is by the volunteers for the volunteers. Our taxes pay their tuition. It is called learning by mistakes...After two or four years of "service", we become a line on their C.V.


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