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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Votes in Scarsdale and the USA

Here are the results and voter turnout in local elections in Scarsdale this year as published on Scarsdale10583.com site:

Jane Veron ..., received 1,361 votes. Justin Arest got 1,243 and Lena Crandall, 1,234. 
Bob Berg, ran independently on the Voter’s Choice ticket and receive(d) ( my correction)  519 votes.
There were 69 absentee ballots and a total of 1,659 votes including the absentee ballots.

This its out of 17,000 residents. 

Many reasons:
1. Our system and the nation's is too complicated, convoluted and just  urges voters to "Vote" without letting them understand, reflect or react. Who understands the CNC, the Forum at the local level or the electoral college, primaries and the powers of the President at the federal level ? With each President we seem to get different presidents with different powers...It is the Wild West in Washington.

Why are so many of the members of the BOT, the "Forum", the School Board, the Library Board, etc. the same individuals ? You see her at the CNC, then the BOT. Or him on the BOT, then the CNC ? 

Why can't they recruit fresh blood ? ....

They just keep playing musical chairs, taking turns at each organization... One group of people just advocating each other, electing each pother, perpetuating their corrupt, defunct system under the cover of "volunteerism"... 

Taking advantage of people who simply can't bother with such complicated matters. No wonder everyone knows politics is "ugly".

Why do so many who serve in Scarsdale in particular are real estate professionals connected to real estate one way or another ? Even our current Mayor Hochvert recently said, he could not answer this question...
2. Nobody has the time to devote to a system that does not seem to make a difference in their lives.
3. People are felt to feel like a number, not a person. Everything is too big, nobody can relate to any of this.
4. There is too much cronyism, both at the local and federal level. It seems to cater just to a select few, who understand and or perpetuate the system without trying to acquire fresh blood. 

Until there is a total overhaul at the local and federal level, better devote your time to more constructive matters, my friends. 

No need to waste your time endorsing self-serving "volunteers"...

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