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Friday, May 6, 2022

Force Majeure - New Development Nearby -

Dear readers,

It has been almost four years since my last post on this website. But the events of the last few years has finally caused me to get out and want to write here again. 

A couple of years ago on Circle Road here in Scarsdale, there was one house on a double lot that got razed and we got two new houses on that same lot, looking like this:

This is an older house on one lot next to these monster McMansions...

We all expressed our distress when the one house on Circle was up on the agenda to be razed. We made the argument for its historical context, for the crowding, for the deterioration of the neighborhood.To no avail. Mind you among those supporting our argument was New York Times columnist Nick Kristof living nearby. No, they did not listen to him either. Maybe that is why he marched on from being a newspaper columnist to running for Oregon governor. You can read more about him here: https://nickkristof.substack.com

I wrote a letter to my neighborhood association, Overhill Neighborhood Association, so far no answer.

I wrote to our Mayor Jane Veron, she answered and said she would distribute my e-mail to the Trustees, that is what she does/ they do and then nothing else comes of it.

I copied my letter to the Scarsdale News. She said, she did not understand. I submitted the pictures. They printed one version my letter without pictures.

That same day, as all this was going on, my resident wild bunny showed up with a friend at about 11:26 a.m on Monday morning May2nd.

This is the letter I wrote to our neighborhood association, redacted for privacy concerns:

On Mon, May 2, 2022 at 1:02 PM  wrote:
Ingrid and Michael,

I am very upset at the proposed new constructions on Overhill Road. After Circle Road double insult this is yet another slap in the face.

The Village government is doing nothing to preserve our Village. All mechanisms exist, but all is being ignored, side stepped for more money, less environmental or architectural concerns.

If you look carefully at the picture below, you will see two rabbits trying to find refuge this morning in my backyard. This is within two steps of my back door. There is simply nowhere to go for these creatures, but there is no end to human greed.


I had started a web site for this purpose over nine years ago or on April of 2013 that I had temporarily suspended. It is now live again for you to see it all - once again: Save-Scarsdale.org.

Is this Planning or Board of Architectural Review or the Village Board doing what it is supposed to do ?

With hopeful wishes,


  Be good.
  Do better.

  Do not waste.

Only dust gathers by itself. 
Equal rights is not enough. Women need better rights.

Do what is right.

Be nice. It spreads.

Reduce, reuse, reycle.

Live free or die.  NH-USA License Plates.


 Scarsdale Inquirer published a shorter version of this in the printed edition of the paper as of today, Friday May 6th. You can access the on line version which does not have my letter, but through that you can access the printed version, which has my letter. Here:https://www.scarsdalenews.com

Good luck navigating the mazes of the Internet and the print world through the maze...

Revised May 6th, 8:10 a.m. EDT

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