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Monday, July 18, 2022

76 Birchall Drive - An Important House to Preserve -

This is the criteria under which the CHP of Scarsdale makes it decisions: 

This is the architect behind 76 Birchall: Simon Zelnik

This is from Cooper Union Alumni Association:

Sorry, we were having technical difficulties posting the article itself here, but you can read below "He had his own practice from 1932 on.  He designed multiple office and apartment buildings in New York City, stores, theaters and synagogues"...

"One of his original buildings was surviving now known as the Joyce Theatre...

He taught and lectured at NYU as well as Adelphi College."

This is why, we think 76 Birchall should be preserved.

It is a) The work of a Master,

       b) The building embodies the distinctive characteristics of the post-modern era and is unique and emblematic of the era. This building should not be lost to history nor can be gulped into the fierce teeth of the bulldozer.

      c) By satisfying a and b above or 3 and 4 of the criteria above, the building clearly satisfies criteria 5. 

So, since it satisfies the majority of the criteria, 76 Birchall should be preserved forever. 

We should consider ourselves lucky to have such a building in Scarsdale.

Below, the first two are pictures of 76 Birchall, the third picture of another Zelnik design at 70 Morris Lane which was in front of the CHP in the Fall of 2020 and subsequently demolished, while the last one is a  picture of the neighboring property, clearly a very different house.

Above picture taken from Scarsdale10583 site of 70 Morris Lane, a Zelnik design

The following partially redacted ( for privacy reasons ) additional letter was sent to CHP Chair and members via Scarsdale Building Department this morning July 19, 2022:

Dear CHP Chair and Members,
I wish to address you one more time regarding the above house further to my e-mail of yesterday as important facts have come to my attention:
1. According to the Scarsdale10583 site:  Ruth Farkas Ambassador to Luxembourg lived here, as well as the Milsteins major benefactors in New York City from hospital wings to the whale wing at the American Museum of Natural History to divisions at the New York Public Library. 
To my knowledge the Milsteins continue to live in Scarsdale. Therefore these facts satisfy item 1 of the CHP Criteria for preservation or that "the building is associated with events that have made a significant contribution to broad patterns of Village, regional, state or national history.
2. From 1 above it is clear, that the second criteria with the "building being associated with the life of a person or persons of historical significance" is also satisfied.
3. Criteria 3, 4 and 5 have been established per my previous e-mail and post on my website Save-Scarsdale.org.
Thus it is very clear this is a very special house that satisfies all five of the CHP criteria with flying colors.  Therefore 76 Birchall has to  be preserved .
Further, even though not a It has also been noted that this house remains now one of the few if not the only Zelnik house in Scarsdale since unfortunately 70 Morris Lane was demolished not too long ago.
I thank you for all your work and appreciate what you do to preserve our beautiful Village.
Lika L. Levi
Resident since 1991.

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