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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

CHP Meeting of July 19, 2022 - Scarsdale, New York

Dear interested parties,

I  was a participant via Zoom last night at the CHP hearing for the various applicants among which there was 76 Birchall. Due to a Zoom issue I was told this morning by the Building Department, once you hang up from the Zoom meeting you cannot log back on, as I wanted to hear the other applicants' hearings. We hope this issue will be fixed.

In the meanwhile, I can report 76 Birchall's fate was postponed to the CHP meeting on September 20, 2022. The committee was finally waking up to the importance of Simon Zelnik after an individual ( I am getting more information on this ) had tracked down Simon's Zelnik's architect grandson, Bryan Zelnik and  brought him to testify via Zoom audio participation. More about him here: https://bzarch.com

We learned so much about Simon Zelnik behind 76 Birchall and so many other buildings, but still some CHP members remained indignant calling him not worthy of the Master designation. That seemed short of shadenfreude.

Some other members did not consider the Milstein family worthy. Maybe they have been living on Mars.

You can find more about the Milsteins on my previous post on this website.

Yet others seemed sorry they had sent another Zelnik masterpiece at 70 Morris to the landfill. What do you do now, take it back from the landfill ? Once gone, designated detritus and flung away, it is gone - forever. As opposed to saved forever... Fill the landfill when it did not have to be there at all. Or get shipped away somewhere, as I am told it happens to our garbage...

More will be reported as available. 

In the meanwhile, if you wish to contact me please feel: lika@save-scarsdale.org.

Thank you all for your interest in preserving our treasures from the zealous developers who do not wink at sending these to their respective landfills and condemning them to an untimely death to serve their material ends.

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